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Saturday, December 20, 2014

introduce yourself (please)

Introduce yourself.  As in an interview.

I attended an academic post interview last month and that was the first question (not really).  Er fyi I spotted that question but I flunked answering it, well because I prepared my answer in English and I was asked that question in Malay. What a heck.

Aha. Baru nak masuk 3 tahun duduk UK dah tersedak bila kena cakap Melayu memang boleh bla.

Sekarang saya akan jawab soalan tu dalam bentuk karangan.

Nama saya Saida. Umur 27 tahun. Asal Negeri Sembilan. Hobi masak, makan, 'stalking' fb and ig orang ramai.

Saya dah kahwin, anak satu, lelaki. Lepas saya tamat master di UKM, saya ikut suami sambung belajar di UK dan jadi surirumah sepenuh masa.

Sekarang saya gulung master buat tukun. Tak. Daripada pengamatan saya, orang ramai cakap bestnya hidup saya. Takyah kerja, duduk UK.

Aaa. Memang best pun. Tapi...

Oklah. Biarkan ia jadi misteri.

Wink wink ~.^

Friday, December 19, 2014

unlucky me

I am sad to be unlucky.
Blames are on me, wholly.
Emotions are overwhelming everything.
Feel like hating, anger just couldn't get out the window.

Mmg syaiton suka kalau marah.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunglasses for Women Online


I am welcoming myself and doing this, you know, I am absolutely a normal woman. Hihi.

Marilah secara tetiba bercakap pasal fesyen kerana fesyen untuk semua. In fact, I love wearing sunglasses, so here goes. 

Sunglasses are the accessories to dress up your outfit in the most effortless way possible, even though you are on a tight budget. Just revamp your outfit and bring your glam and tadaaa tadaa your sassy personality will magically appear when you put on the sunglasses.
If you want to look stunning like Olivia Palermo, [er if you don't know, she's famous with her fashion style] there are three sunglasses which look like the socialite, let me tell you. Sekarang I pakar. Well, it's the power of reading :p Hehehe. 

1. Aviator Sunglasses

Olivia is always seen donning upon a pair of aviator sunglasses on her day to town in casual attires. From basic plain tees, blouses to jumpsuits, Olivia works her way flaunting beautiful pairs of aviator sunglasses in anything she wears. This fashionable woman is always in front of her A-game showing that fashion does need to be expensive.   

2. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Olivia is also a fan of wearing the sexy pair of cat-eye sunglasses designs. Instead of applying a cat-eye eyeliner make up look, women can also style cat-eye sunglasses to show off the elegant side of them. The socialite knows perfectly how to match the cat-eye sunglasses to compliment her small heart face shape.

3. Mirrored Sunglasses

The third eyewear Olivia loves wearing on her day outs is the mirrored sunglasses. The advantage of wearing a mirrored sunglasses is that it could hide your terrible dark circles as well as tired eyes. It cannot be denied that we have those bad days which we are just too lazy to apply any concealer on. Mirrored sunglasses will definitely cover your eyes completely and people could never notice the puffiness of your eyes. 

If you cannot wait to style sunglasses like the famous fashion icon Olivia Palermo, check out ZALORA for a wide range of sunglasses for women online from various local and international brands. Check it out, OK. 

Till then.

p/s This post is a collaboration with ZALORA Malaysia. Thanks for the words. Hihi. 

Wink wink ~.^

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