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Friday, October 9, 2015

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


Today I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby. How grateful :D, alhamdulillah, it's an easy pregnancy yet again, I didn't vomit at all through this time. No morning sickness at all, at all!! :D

As I came back to Malaysia from the UK, I was already 3 months pregnant, and all the way in the 12-hours flight, I breastfed my Kiwish. He was too clingy, imagine, 8 hours in the flight, he didn't move from my breast, God-forsaken, only He knows how much strength he gave me during that time.

Good bye, London!

Even until now, I still breastfeed Kiwish, directly! Walaupun melibatkan masalah emosi, emak mengamuk malam-malam sebab pinggang sakit, dia masih melekat di you-know-where itu, breastfeeding is still safe for pregnant woman. You may claim that your nipples become more sensitive towards the increasing trimester, but as a mother, it's bearable (I think).

You might want to do a little research about breastfeeding while being pregnant, please do. Boleh dicari di group penyusuan susu ibu di Facebook or just Google. Kalau nak lagi saintifik, you may go for scholarly articles. From my reading, there is still no evidence that this is an issue. Selamat for mommies and breastfed babies as well as babies in the womb. So don't worry, regard it as a bless.

People might say,
tak baik, nanti anak yang menyusu tu mudah sakit
tak baik, nanti anak dalam perut tak cukup nutrien
nanti tak pasal premature contraction

I went through it, and all the sayings are just not right (at least for me). You may try and please not to worry what people say. If you have the love for your kids, you will do it without hesitation. Trust me, your baby will be safe, inside out even though you're breastfeeding.

* * *

I wrote this post few weeks ago and now my newborn is 13 days, the big baby, Kiwish is still breastfeeding, but not regularly, he is learning to let it go.................... let it go. Hihi.

Breastfeeding is safe during pregnancy. I did it, and nothing wrong with it.

wink wink ~.^

Monday, June 8, 2015

My my

I set a taboo to myself to write terrible things about people.  Afraid that it will make my bad side becomes transparent, but I am too normal that have feelings, anger and sadness. I too have options to hate and love,  but not that angelic to love every second. Knowing that is a weakness, I need shoulder to lean, ear to listen.

Can you just wipe your tears when you're terribly sad and become euphoric at a blink of eyes? Bet you're too perfect to do so. I totally can't be.

There were days, I was filled with loaded of loves and foods. Of course there were some, the days were filled with tears and anger.

I accept to die with empty stomach, and not dying alone, at least I am always be accompanied by the little baby in my womb. Enough of blessing.


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