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Monday, June 8, 2015

My my

I set a taboo to myself to write terrible things about people.  Afraid that it will make my bad side becomes transparent, but I am too normal that have feelings, anger and sadness. I too have options to hate and love,  but not that angelic to love every second. Knowing that is a weakness, I need shoulder to lean, ear to listen.

Can you just wipe your tears when you're terribly sad and become euphoric at a blink of eyes? Bet you're too perfect to do so. I totally can't be.

There were days, I was filled with loaded of loves and foods. Of course there were some, the days were filled with tears and anger.

I accept to die with empty stomach, and not dying alone, at least I am always be accompanied by the little baby in my womb. Enough of blessing.


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