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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hello Dusty Bloggie


I am 32 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy yippie

I feel like my talent to write a blog post has gone

It feels like I have nothing to scribble


I just want to make sure that my blog will not die


I am happy

Ok daaa

Till I write again


Monday, June 12, 2017


Years have passed and the only thing I can make the percentage better is my body fat. :(

Midlife crisis is seriously exist, it takes me to the whole new arena of life, which is misery.

If I were to compare my life before these 5 years, it would be a complete set of contrast in my usual state. Happiness was my middle name before, but now I ought to remind myself to be happy.

My previous-self is sometimes fading, too overwhelmed with sadness sometimes despite my look is almost as homogenous as before.

Faded. I hope I will go before you.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Do you know that it is ADDICTIVE

Hello and hi again my page

So long that I have not feel this way for quite some time

Let me tell you what I do for a living

I am a research assistant (again) who loves to write papers
What I did was I write a blog post instead of a manuscript

Do you know why
Because I felt so sleepy that I have to eat cheese buns
Don't (eh symbol ini boleh pulak) you think that is super crazy
That I will put on weight and keep annoying myself with my jelly belly

Eh I want to tell you
Sometimes I felt inferior that I am working part time-ly as a research assistant that I cannot make loan to buy a new car

Then I will pat my shoulder saying that my part of blessing in this life is actually countless

That is the most important thing in my life
Thank you husband for this life --- eh why so out-of-nowhere

Love myself truck-loads

After a LONG silent


So that I came back here again
Not hoping anyone to read what I write (haha kasihan tidak)
But seriously not

I found that my life is not like before

It is not that I became not as happy as before
But the commitment of being a (wonderful) adult --- blerghhhh

I am just an ordinary person
I can buy what I want to buy (with little amount of money I would not want to buy a BMW lah obviously)

Overall I can say that being 30 is not that hard
I just wake up everyday without stress
I can still choose to sleep with my dream or wake up and chase my dream

I do not involve with a stressful event in life yet
Grateful that I can still enjoy watching Paw Patrol even though I really want to watch other TV channel
But hey

Being a mother is super great

So that if you notice
My keyboard has problem with symbols

Till we meet again

I LOVE MY LIFE muahhhh - I kiss my life HAHAHAHAHA


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