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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life After Marriage

It is life that we are walking on. Thank God for this wonderful journey.

Hubby is now super busy with his massively tight schedule sampai tengok dia pun saya lupa nak bernafas. He will be sitting for his final exam starting next Monday, overlapping with his qualification English examination for another important step in our life. Huaaa already been absorbed in my nerves! 

Sekarang asyik cakap 'Oo My English!' sebab husband join Mama's English class, jadi student. Isteri turut diajak masuk kelas English tu, you know me better. Most of my friends claimed that I am stubborn. Mestilah tanak pergi kelas Mama :p Nanti degil dalam kelas tak pasal Mama rotan. Takut takut takut. 

Anyways, I pray for my husband's success. You as well, please do. If his life is a success, I can ask for a Volkswagon. Ha Ha Ha ini isteri evil, I'm thorny! :p. Tak adalah. I just want to live with him. Kalau dia okay, saya okay. Kalau dia senang, saya senanglah. Kalau Allah mudahkan rezeki, kami mudahlah. 

Life after marriage is about making decisions. Sekarang banyak betul benda nak fikir. PhD is again a dilemma. Tapi tak apa, at least I will finish this MSc very soon. Err tapi kan revision for viva. Nil. It's a bit messy this week. Even revision for Chemistry and Biology classes next week pun, double nil-s. Still, I enjoy the stress. 

Gambar hiasan- Gomok bajet cool.

Mudahkanlah Ya Allah. Amin.

ILU shayang. Somuchomucho.

wink wink ~.^


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