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Monday, June 18, 2012

A week of celebration


It has been long since I last wrote here, and when I decided to write yesterday, my hubby kidnapped my pegASUS - addicted to movies, after he's finally exam-free. My hubby had downloaded few movies [eh bukan few kot, terlampau banyak sampai hard disk saya dah tak muat], all thanks to this pegASUS of mine and hubby's Celcom Broadband. You wouldn't know how fast the broadband is in Lavender Ht, especially from our room! We had just discovered it when we started to download movies.

Oh, the MSc viva went [not so] well last Wednesday. :p  I don't know whether it is true or not I lack of showmanship. Pemalu, perhaps. >.<  I don't mind though. Masa tu nak dengar soalan panel pun dah tak sanggup sebab penat lama sangat kena tanya macam-macam soalan and I can't handle few questions that tricked me. Thanks to Hasnan and Lai Kuan for the tips - just agree with them if they ask weird question. Jangan melawan. Which I did, but then the panels said that I'm too humble. T_T [Padahal husband cakap saya jobo].

We finished our studies at the right time, husband habis exam hari Selasa, saya pass viva hari Rabu. So, just how lucky I was that Wednesday, the hubby's classmates held a barbecue at Kemensah. The place is nice, the foods [prepared by MIAT students] were awesome. Despite all their monotonous chat, their naughty faces, but they managed to serve garlic bread, grilled chicken, prawn and fries, and all of those were perfect in taste. 

The celebration continues, Ayah bought me a simple but touched gift, iaitu sekotak besar kinder bueno and a hug. I cried, though my husband ask 'why should you cry?'. Heh, dia mana tau nak feeling-feeling. Then, in law parents celebrated us too, had big dinner at BK. :D

Enough said for the success. Thank you for all the support. Hehe. 

And yesterday was father's day. Happy father's day to Ayah and Papa. We love you. :-*

wink wink ~.^


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