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Saturday, September 28, 2013

After a long silent

Hi, blog! Hi, readers! [Ehkk ada readers?? You dream. Hihi]

This is BIG thing, you know, I miss August. Actually, I tried to make a post while I was in Malaysia last month. But no, the time is too precious, being at home, my homeland. Takda masa nak buang heh tulis blog. :p

Back then, the holiday was not awesome. It was toooOooOoo awesome, if you can imagine how homesick I was.

We spent the time visiting relatives and friends.

* * *

I was stopped by Kiwish [my baby boy] just now. Ini membuatkan mood nak tulis tetiba terkikis. Huh.

Never mind, I will try to write again when I have my own sweet time. Semestinya time Kiwish tidur.

Kiwish on the right, with Abang Anas the Pineapple. Hihi.
This photo was taken at kampung, mind to ignore the thorn sheet, please. ;)

Latest look of our bundle-of-joy is still in the memory card, bare with me to look how Kiwish has grown!. [Ini mungkin boleh jadi janji palsu kalau saya malaSHHHH nak blog sini. Kikiki
Yelah. Kan sekarang zaman InstaG bagai. I just started that thingy thing in my life, you know I was terribly behind kan. Well, better late than never. :p

Semoga Allah lindungi kami sekeluarga, keluarga di Malaysia and all my sayangs out there [I mean you, yes you! >.<]

wink wink ~.^


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