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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am writing to you WL !


The fact that I feel weird when it comes to do an academic writing, that's why I shift to this blog-posting instead. Hihi.

Guess you know the feel when you are on a long [read VERY SUPER LONG] holiday, and then you need to 'work', so it's kind of hard, I can tell. You might want to know what is it that I am working on. It's a proposal for a PhD application. I don't have any placement and fund yet [secret mission :p] so I can't tell you more. Masih berdoa kalau inilah rezeki untuk kami, moga Allah mudahkan *tangan nasyid, please*.

Anyone here wants to be a housewife? Being one doesn't mean that you are not working, in fact you're working 24-7. If you don't have kids, then you may cheat your working hours. Hehe.

Nothing much to babble here, I have a more serious thing to do [read watching Masterchef].


wink ~.^


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