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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Good bye 2017

Hello Dusty-bloggie

I am giving a new nick name for this page "Dusty-bloggie" or when I am too lazy in future I will just call you DB

That is the fate for a blog
Please accept that my dear DB

Tomorrow will be a new start for my ageing life - I will be 31 OMG - 
not my birthday actually it's just the year 

Looking back for this 2017
Despite there were hiccups here and there
Life has been great alhamdulillah

Lets pray for a better year and life forward
I foresee myself as a busier momma in 2018 that I will have my 3rd baby pop-out in early February and will have to register my PhD in April hopefully
My eldest baby Kiriz will go to school - feel old enough my boy is growing bigger
My 2nd baby Wildan - I pray that he can bear longer with every blood transfusion and start his chelation smoothly

And please God give me more money hihihi



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