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Tuesday, November 30, 2010



I got a new ASUS lappy. yayy! for reasons, I could explain why my lappy is the SAME with Hasnan's. [Fida, please don't mad. Cessna too, please don't mad.]. tapi takyah explain sini lah. only the difference, I bought with cheaper price and 4GB ram. it's a destiny and a fact that Hasnan is BFF. ya, bukan BF. but two Fs. HA HA.

no nickname yet. but we used to call it Usus. it suits with my Dietetic field, I have to say. but later, I'll think of a cute nickname for him [p/s: my lappy is a boy. note that having twisTouch as a girl irritated me so much]

another thing I must tell you this. twisTouch is no longer mine. I sold it yesterday and got RM300. pathetic no? but it's ok. the memories retain. I kept her remote control, the pen, and the pen tips, in case I miss her. hope she R.I.P.. and oh, I kissed her before I sold her to that scary guy.

eh. ting! I named it pegASUS lah. ok, pegASUS. serve me well for years until I have kids, then I can tell a story to my kids that uncle Hasnan pun ada pegASUS macam bonda. kehkeh. [cita-cita mesti tinggi ok. :p]

errrr p/s: PEG-asus. PEG: percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomy. ASUS-usus. wah. so dietetic! arrrrrrrrgh

sekian :D

wink wink ^.~


fee_da_fid said...

wah bertambah dh fmly ASUS nm dia mmg xbole bla la...

cikmune said...

LOL!!! tak leh blah nama laptop u sekda. hahahaha!!! usus. aiyak. segalanya berkaitan ngan dietician. wehoo!

idatazira said...

abaikan PEG tu.
hanya kebetulan.

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