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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

freedom of speech

this is what I call freedom of speech in blogsphere.

1. I do not know much about politics, but I think, some
times those extreme people [not saying of BN or BA] are not using their brain nicely.

2. at HKL counter, the staff sometimes act too clever. even you speak and explain everything to them nicely.

3. most of Chinese subjects for our mild cognitive impairment research are so selfish. when the study reaches final data collection session, they do not w
ant to attend to UKMMC since they will not get FREE OF CHARGE fish oil supplementation anymore. how selfish. yang Melayu tak ada pulak yang tak mahu datang untuk disoal-selidik sebab tak dapat suplemen lagi.

4. being rude is not appropriate for any time and any places. being professional won't cost you a thing.

5. some Indonesian workers in this faculty are very polite, polite than Malaysian workers perhaps.

6. I saw Singapore luxury cars speeding up like hell [maksudnya dangerous] on our PLUS highway. bukankah katanya di Singapura, kebanyakan pemandu adalah pemandu bijak.

* * *

p/s to Cessna Love: wish you happy 25th birthday. sunnah Nabi kalau bernikah pada umur 25 tahun. hee. I did thalassemia screening again today, have to wait for two months. again. sorry.

oh tadi dekat HKL, saya terbaca ayat ini:-
"Not all cauliflowers are good for you"

kemudian, ada gambar ini:-

I tried to digest it, tapi masih khuatir kalau apa yang saya faham sebenarnya bukanlah maksud yang hendak disampaikan. haha.


wink wink ~.^


Anonymous said...

oooo..x fhm pn psl gmbr tu..
pe kene mengena cauliflower n a couple?
~ cik aisyah ~

idatazira said...

er tula pasal.
aku pun tak faham, tapi buat2 faham la :p

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