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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Haji Ahmad bin Maaji


Atok, Haji Ahmad Maaji survived dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) for decades before it metastasis to his lungs.

when I was small, he used to call us "oh sayang atok", then HAVE to answer him "saya, tok abah Ida". bila atok panggil suruh picit atok, kami kena picit cepat, sebab atok cakap, kalau tak picit atok, nanti atok mati. how time flies. on March 6th, the night before he passed away, I get the chance to picit atok once again, but only his right hand and his left leg. I rubbed him with my cosmoderm lotion, took from my handbag.

Eidul Adha 1429

Eidul Fitr 1430

1st November 2009
Berehat di serambi, ditemani Makwan

Eidul Fitr 1431

29th January 2011
on Jamila and Ayah birthday celebration

26th February 2011
battling the pain

Atok left us on March 7th, 8.55 am at Oncology ward HKL. Al-fatihah. the love and prayer will always be with you.


Anonymous said...

takziah..Al-Fatihah..semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..amin..

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