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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Power of Praying


When things go wrong or even so very wrong or LESS RIGHT [just like Megamind] between you and the one you love, please don't let too much hatred inside your heart.

You may cry if that can shut your mouth from yelling at the one you love.

If you hurt a lot, think twice to fight with harm words, even you knew your agreeableness is low. [eh eh macam kenal je ni ><]

When the one you love says "SORRY", you don't have to force yourself to forgive.


Pray together when you have the chance. [Tada tada!! Inilah Ustazah Pilihan wowo :p.] Tetiba antiklimaks. Ok. Point is, dirikanlah solat berjemaah. You can feel the miracle, trust me. Sebab itu salah satu faktor kebahagiaan rumah tangga adalah agama. The flame will disappear.

Sekian dulu.

End of love story. [For today ONLY :p]

wink wink ~.^


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