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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

17 days to go


1. Happily or sadly [I'm not sure], we're counting down. 17 days in our homeland is so short.

2. We still haven't make the list for dumping in our luggage with. What to bring and buy. Worth bringing or spending.

3. We spent thousands for visa, flight ticket and other thingies. In short, I would say that I'm broke by now. Yet, we haven't settle with the shopping list.

4. I've read through the National Health Service (NHS) for my antenatal care, hoping that everything will run smoothly and the baby is in good health, happy and be good all the time. Behave tau, baby!

5. The tummy is getting bigger and now I've started to struggle only to climb to our room in Lavender, at level two. Even sometimes I wished we have escalator here. Alhamdulillah Allah provides a great plan for us, that we'll be moving in 17 days. InsyaAllah.

6. We have to pack our things in this few weeks left. You wouldn't know how I wish to bring our wedding gifts to UK. Starting everything from scratch sometimes scares me.

Sekian dulu.

Baby suruh tidur sebab esok ada check-up and we are supposed to come early in the morning sebab saya ada banyak kerja sekolah nak buat. Dengan aktiviti-aktiviti ilmiah yang saya lakukan, saya harap anak saya genius. Huh.

wink wink ~.^


kathy said...

Weh!!!! Dh nk pergi keeee . Alaaaaaa!!!!

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