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Friday, May 12, 2017

After a LONG silent


So that I came back here again
Not hoping anyone to read what I write (haha kasihan tidak)
But seriously not

I found that my life is not like before

It is not that I became not as happy as before
But the commitment of being a (wonderful) adult --- blerghhhh

I am just an ordinary person
I can buy what I want to buy (with little amount of money I would not want to buy a BMW lah obviously)

Overall I can say that being 30 is not that hard
I just wake up everyday without stress
I can still choose to sleep with my dream or wake up and chase my dream

I do not involve with a stressful event in life yet
Grateful that I can still enjoy watching Paw Patrol even though I really want to watch other TV channel
But hey

Being a mother is super great

So that if you notice
My keyboard has problem with symbols

Till we meet again

I LOVE MY LIFE muahhhh - I kiss my life HAHAHAHAHA



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