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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

emotionally unstable


currently having adrenaline rush. so, here is the post full with emotions.

yesterday was the long-waited day as my friends and I decided to watch Eclipse together. so, I asked Cessna to join us. nevertheless, it turned into a disaster. em, Eclipse tu tak best mana pun. patutlah saya baca novel dia terpengsan berkali-kali. Eclipse movie is so lovey-dovey. full with kisses. letih tengok.

eh macam takda pun full with emotions, bukan?

em. more. my lappy, named twisTouch got messy again. I lost hope on her. and I love my money more than twisTouch. so sorry twisTouch, you will never receive any treatment or what so ever in Lowyat again. it was seriously a waste. I HAVE to save my money for marriage. we're done twisTouch. so DONE.

and, oh. last Sunday, I went to a relative's wedding in Shah Alam. the food was good. Kuzi Catering lah pulak. mana boleh tak best lah. there, we met Pak Ungku and Jaafar Onn as MC. haha. berbaur bangga jumpa Jaafar Onn?. hekh. supposedly takyah bangga.

and people, buat tangan nasyid sekarang. saya nak bagi tazkirah tadaaaa:-

thanks Diana, Hasnan and CessnaLove for yesterday. I learnt a lesson :D


wink wink ~.^


fee_da_fid said...

nsb baik xtgk cite tu...padan muke korang tu la tgk xajak..kan dh xbest cite tu..huh

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