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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning


Sunday. I've been watching 500 days of summer. The movie was all so bitchy cute.

Friday. I dated Azreen. We declared Friday as 'Girls' Day Out'. The fiance is strictly prohibited since he is obviously a 'he'.

Say hi to my dear weekend housemate, Azreen. :D

You can see how wide the smile is.
It was totally yummy!

Let's Froyo everyone! [especially Diana, eh tapi bila saidamunira mendapat gaji kelak lah.] Froyo stands for Frozen Yoghurt. Dekat J-Co pun ada, tapi Tutti Fruti lebih specialize, maybe.

Saturday. I had fun with friends at ZFI wedding. Pipi saya menjadi lenguh akibat ketawa. Then I went home and watch NS and T-team match. NS won! The fiance menonton di stadium bersama Zulid. And the fiance got scratch at his car, at the stadium. Anda pasti taktau betapa hati dan perasaan beliau berkecai bagai cermin jatuh atas lantai marmar. Although our state is qualified for final match, it was so heart broken for him. Tolonglah simpati, tolong.

500 days of Summer. I love Malaysia. Panas dan lembap sepanjang tahun. No such things like summer. :D

wink wink ~.^


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