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Friday, December 30, 2011

Aim High!


I've finished watching Merlin S4 this morning. It was my craving last night, but I was exhausted by that time.

I also had my very first meeting with TQI Tuition Home Center. Fair enough, I have to gain spirit to teach biology and chemistry.

And with that, it needs me to have a proper planning of my life. This is where I have lost today when I start to think of it.

Btw, my motto for 2012 is 'Aim High!', sounds great and I hope I will be great.

Till then.

wink wink ~.^


nurulhuda said...

ehehehe.. macam slogan uni aku lak, "Wayne State University: Aim Higher!"

idatazira said...

ow yeke, hihi tak penah plak aku pegi sane dan menyiasat motto sekolah baru anda.

maksudnye, aku blehlah join univ ko pasni :p

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