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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Demotivated Thursday


Question is, am I tough enough to continue my PhD. D
engan status berkahwin. Sound weird pula. Err btw, I think it might be possible that I'll be a superwoman. Besides, Uncle and aunty asked me to manage a thing or two in their new business.

Answer is, I am a tough girl [read in sarcasm intonation,
please]. Ambitious pula lagi. Comel apatah lagi. Huh.

This morning I got my intervention paper reviewed
by my mentor in Singapore. The Prof. definitely a nice (old) man. When it comes to the paper, still nice but.. Em. Too much to work on. So, I became lazy to face it, instead I facebook. Eh eh.

Terus, demotivated dan merindu the fiance [too lov
ely reason]. Uncle and Aunty did ask me, can I manage my marriage and school works and works and his son later? - Malas fikir.


Oh btw, I am too happy to have Muhammad Izzat b
ecause he can make me delicious burger. Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar nak makannnnn.


wink wink ~.^


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