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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Things in my mind:

1. PhD proposal slide presentation belum siap.
2. Esok kena jumpa mommy.
3. Iyeke nak buat PhD.
4. Edit paper Shikin - MCI dietary pattern - this post had been edited at 3.11 pm, DONE!!!!!
5. Rewrite discussion for intervention paper.
6. Numbering thesis method.
7. Start chapter 4 thesis.
8. Fill in and submit thesis submission notice.
9. How nerd I am.

10. Weekends again T____________T

He said that he only loves me yesterday and I love him forever. Heh. Thrill lah konon. :p

Headache. However.

Yeay. I got RM 8 credited into Hotlink account. Tetiba happy sikit. BYE. Bosan.


Nurul Huda said...

#3 - YE!!!
begging u to stay at our 'beloved' Uni for couple of years more supaya aku ada kawan nak berhoora2 bila balik cuti...hihihi... ALL THE BEST future Dr Saida Munira! (wah! rase tak semangat yg melimpah ruah???? hehehe)

idatazira said...

wah wah.
ni provokasi ke ape ni?
hehe btw thanks and good luck to youuuu tooooo.
RINDU wei :'(

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