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Monday, April 5, 2010

oh no. long entry

assalaamualaikum everyone.

am now blogging using beloved twisTouch. poor twisTouch. she [twisTouch is a girl, you know] is now declared as OKU. do I have to explain what OKU is?

well. twisTouch is wrongly diagnosed. abang Razi [eh?] told me it was due to virus that her WLAN device was missing. I trusted him. dan pasrah juga. so, I left twisTouch with him for about a week.

anyway, abang Razi [oh no, I did it twice ;p] found that twisTouch's WIFI card yang rosak. maka, setelah dicuba-cuba dengan WIFI card lain pun tak mahu juga [twisTouch memang gedik. saje nak lepak dengan abang Razi lama-lama] lantas twisTouch terpaksa memakai USB wireless. like OKU isn't it? macam orang pekak terpaksa guna alat bantuan pendengaran untuk mendengar. same goes to my twisTouch. [jangan kecil hati twisTouch. I still love you, no matter what.]

thank god it can still be functioning. saya takmau laptop lain. saya mau twisTouch seorang. so now, twisTouch berciri suci. she was also formatted by abang Razi [yess thrice ;p].

eh macam tak best pun cerita pasal twisTouch.

okay. here is summary of the day.

I went to HUKM this morning, waiting for a subject who didn't come at all. so, went back to faculty half-heartedly. esok kena pergi tunggu makcik tu lagi. ces. tak datang esok siaplah makcik.

then, I settled down few documents for future. dan pergi ke kedai gambar Melayu tak dapat cuci gambar, though I waited about 20 minutes plus. so, decided to go to another photo shop, owned by a Chinese. oh tak sampai 5 minit dah settle okay. now I feel like mengutuk Melayu. em. btw, saya Jawa kot, campur Boyan, campur Pattani, campur Cina. bukan Melayu. haha. tapi dalam IC tulis Melayu pulak. ;p

after that, I was having lunch yang sedap. with Udeq. I think, now I am addicted to ikan tilapia berlada by AkakChomel tersebut.


lepas tu, I ran lipid peroxidation lab for my research. and macam damn kot. tak jadi lagi. membazir plasma betul. argh. I wasted plasma of 20 subjects. and I felt guilty. but Tham was like 'don't be sad Saida. kalau belum pandai buat lab memang have to face TRIAL and ERROR phase(s). no worries.' but, I feel like when I run wet lab, it always been errorS, more than everything. [emo emo]

ok ok. dah nak habis. dipendekkan. petang pergi jog dengan Udeq dekat Tasik Titiwangsa.

actually, for this month, I have made resolutions:

1. I have to get to my normal weight which is less than 45 kg.
2. saya perlu rajin menggunakan cleansing lotion, toner and moisturizer onto my face.

if not, I will be grumpy at the age of 23.

and oh, btw, petang tadi Cessna won his football match 2-0. with his new boots. I considered football is Cessna's second girlfriend.

with that, I thank you for reading.

wink wink ~.^


nurulhuda said...

time kasih byk2 kpd abg razi yg x charge for formatting sbb xperlu pun sebenarnya! hehehe..

adamafnan said...

2. saya perlu rajin menggunakan cleansing lotion, toner and moisturizer onto my face.

agree! biar copek abih

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