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Monday, April 19, 2010


assalamualaikum sayang. [ya, saya bagi salam kepada anda lah, bukan Cessna seorang saja.]

I have so much things to babble on. most probably too much.

1. I felt so bad yesterday. I bought some things for my sister. paid with my father's cash. but I didn't realize at all that I left it at counter (maybe). if I paid with my cash, I guess I won't feel that bad. really bad you know. am I having brain problem? do I need to go for MRI scan? ughhhhh!! or is it normal to forget thingsSS?

2. I found reading newspaper is no good for me. so stress to know many people died, SATU MALAYSIA mati sana-sini and all over the world as well. I read 14th April Metro paper yesterday. [soO lame right?] or maybe I should not read Metro? ugh. seriously I hate reading those kinds of news. being killed, accident, human babies with animal parents. oh sangat benci.

3. I am still wondering. why I used to feel so GOOD to sleep after Subuh? why?

4. and I also wonder. I am hardly fasting. oh ye. I have not qadha' my fasting yet. em. then, I will blame Syaitonirrajim lah ni suka tiup-tiup kata takyah puasa. I hate you. seriously. in fact, I am the super-eating-girl. :(

5. I want to tell you this. today I met this person. I met her twice. and she is so friendly. and I knew her, off course. she said "oh hari ni kita memang ada jodoh lah". I was like, okay. okay jodoh. BUT, when you meet me at toilet, you don't need to be soOOo nice to talk to me when you are doing your business in the toilet. please. selekehlah bercakap-cakap sambil membuang tu.

6. I am so hungry now. so I ate chocolate that my friend gave last week. dan saya sungguh tak sangka, sebab lapar sangat saya makan coklat dengan termakan pembungkusnya sekali. OH MY!!

okay. more later.

wink wink ~.^


mikichann said...

rumet kena sharing maklumat ar..
lg2 utk gosip..
macaaam tadi

idatazira said...

heppp takleh bagitau.
rasie peribadi

cikmune said...

hahaha!! makan pembungkus skali. isk3... ngeri nye sekda.

satu lagi tu... sambil membuang pon cakap...???? kalau pra pembuangan bleh la terima. tapi kalau dah ongoing process pembuangan tu... errr... tak rasa cam makan angin haruman ke? hahahha!

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