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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ron & Julie


I post this while listening to my grandfather's clock song. [super nostalgic woh.] dulu pernah nyanyi lagu tersebut dekat sekolah tamil masa darjah dua. [and I won first place ;p] oh, to inform you, lagu my grandfather's clock tersebut ada yang dibuat lagu cinta juga. tapi tak faham pun sebab dalam bahasa asing.

btw, recently MikiJajan sedang bersedih. but I told her, it is normal to have ups and downs in love. seriously. it will make you both stronger.

..macam Ron & Julie tiger, yeeesh.

this is a story about Ron and Julie tiger.

once upon a time, there lived Ron and Julie tiger. Ron and Julie tiger selalu mencakar-cakar satu sama lain. even though those scratches hurt them, and even bleed, love grows more in their hearts.

saya tak pandai bercinta. I think, I never good at anything. I am happy to be average. but there will be someone in life, yang akan lebih, yang akan kurang. then, if you have more, share it together, to complement each other.

em. anyway, he is Ron, and I am Julie. :p

wink wink ~.^

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