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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I think, you, people have to know that my heart is now beating faster than usual.

tahukah yang saidamunira masih belum berjaya settle kan review article yang mommy suruh buat. ugh. after all, why does everything comes at the same time?

mommy sent emailS. note that 'S'.

saida, review article dah siap?
saida and kuan, please include this this this oh these of course in our report.
please come out with project progress presentation.
include the development of booklet for saida's part, with the acceptance analysis done, I hope

ini semua arahan mommy. terus berdebar macam jantung mahu pecah kot sekarang.

you know what, I did not focuse on my works recently. I can't actually.

I already told my Cessna that I don't like this 'master by research' world. I prefer going to class, paying attention [or sleeping] in class and facing exams. seriously. tapi I have to love this world that I am facing sebab.. em. duit kot. [materialistik, biasalah]

em, but I don't regret. it just can always affect my emotions. I know myself well. I am not a type of hardworking student, not that educational to search journals, read journals etc. I will easily get scared with that journal-thing.

I hope this week will be a productive week. and I want to finish this world fast. wish me luck people.

wink wink ~.^


nurulhuda said...

face it all!!! yeah!!
puh3 [kasik tiup smngat la kunun]

tetibe aku cm kecut perut ngan ayat project progression presentation itu, sbb akupon lum siap2kan lagi..

chil2!! sume akan setel.. believe in ur self :)

miiki said...

betol..awk mmpu la ida.. go ida go.. dh mengadu tu..msti dpt semangat tu..

idatazira said...

thanks darls.

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