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Saturday, January 31, 2009

distracting myself

suddenly, updating my blog becomes an addiction to me. [actually, i was about to start my case writing ups, but i distract myself away from it]. i'm in negative side now, i only think that i'll be in stress and misserable earlier if i start my writing up by this time. for me, i'd prefer to be in a rush to make anything, because that will take me into stressful condition in a short time!

last night, my mom asked me to buy some fishes, quails & vege at market. [wow, that's a problem to me, i duno what fresh fishes look alike, & more problematic, i duno where the market is.]. so, i rogered maktik to go with me to the market this morning. heh... mission accomplished!

it has been 31 days in 2009. is 2009 still new? er.. boleh diskaun lah, kira new lagi. but, talking about new year, it always related to our new resolutions. overall, my resolution is not working at all. [uh uh, saidamunira tidak selalu begitu pun. azam tahun lepas agak berkesan ok] owh. maybe my resolution is too hard to be working on me in a short time. wuwuwu....

to anyone who doesn't know, my resolution is: "lets moisturize skin". menurut encik afif, azam perlulah lebih ilmiah. [em. beliau xrasa azam sy berilmiah. cis]. i did bring a bottle of water to work daily. but maybe i need a bigger tumbler. [tumbler sy berisi 600ml cuma]. so,, to anyone, [take note] bigger orange colour tumbler will be included in my wishlist. ;p. another thing, i never use lotion on my skin since i made my resolution. [itu yg sy derhaka kpd azam sy]. my skin problem is a whole, tahu. i'm dehydrated. my skin is dusty. my lips always crack!

uh uh. sudah menjela2 nampaknya. nantilah sambung lagi. i want to do some laundry. [as long it's not writing up, i'm on] wuhu.

wink wink ~.^


AFIF-SAN said...

addict blogging..24hrs a day, 7days a week..wah!same macam saye..

dapat imagine betape buruknyer kulit ko. rajin2 la pakai lotion.

miki said...

cik ida adlh org yg sgt rajin..cano leh mls nk pkai moisturizer ni.. uish.. polik ni..

idatazira said...

weee.. rini je sy blog-addict kot.
agakla buruk jgk. sy tahu sendiri.. wuwuwu

heih. sgt rajin itu mcm perlilah. em.. mmg xrajinla pki moisturizer.
sapukan tolong meh??

fee_da said...

sgt pnjg entri anda...

idatazira said...

sgt pjg sbb addicted.
wowowo :P

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